Never Follow: Win an Audi TT From David Bowie

Create the next great Bowie mash-up. Take any track from the 'Reality' album, mash it up with any other Bowie track. The best mash-up will win an Audi TT coupe from David Bowie himself. More details right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Apr 20, 2004

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If you've seen the new Audi commercial, then you've already heard a mash-up of the David Bowie classic "Rebel, Rebel" and Bowie's brand new rocker "Never Grow Old" from his new REALITY album.

The buzz in the music business is all about mash-ups. You've read about them, you've heard them, now it's time to create your own. A mash-up is a song created from parts of other songs, "mashed-up." Mix and match songs to create something new. That's what you'll do here with any track from David Bowie's "Reality" CD and any other favorite Bowie track. Mix, match, mash-up and make something new.

Now it's your turn to create a great Bowie mash-up and possibly win an Audi TT coupe for your efforts!

Click here to get started. Each week during the contest, will choose the top three entries and post them online. Log onto and listen to the tracks and cast your vote for which mash-up should be crowned the week's finalist. If your mash-up makes it past the judges to become a finalist and then makes the final cut with Bowie himself, you will win an Audi TT coupe!

Click here to begin.

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