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Tom 'Superchumbo' Stephan readies brand new mix CD.

Posted Press Release on Wed Nov 18, 2009

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After highly successful releases from Frankie Knuckles, Danny Krivit and Mind Control, Nervous Records is now ready to unleash the newest mix CD from one of the most popular DJ/producers of the last decade, Tom Stephan. Some know this dance floor superhero only by his alias Superchumbo, but really, that’s only one side of this multi talented New York born / London based artist. Nervous Nitelife: Tom Stephan offers a window into his current DJ set but also a look into Stephan’s production and remix cache. It’s pretty damn impressive and this release features all sorts of crazy remixes and tracks from names like Diplo, Major Lazer and Larry Tee. Combine this with Stephan’s own original productions and new single “Light’s Out ft. Rowetta” and you’ve got one hell of a mix CD that’s completely unique.

Nervous Nitelife: Tom Stephan picks up right in the middle of an extremely productive time for Stephan. His latest originals – “Turn That Shit Up” (for Southern Fried) and “Lights Out ft. Rowetta” (with Pete Gleadall for Nervous) – both appear on Nervous Nitelife: Tom Stephan and reflect his newest inspirations: the electro sound of the UK and the new Dutch sound. This inspiration comes to the forefront of the compilation with the rave-y electro stabs-meets-twisted house of Nervous Disco Dolly's – “Get Up Everybody (Starkillers Mix)” and the minimal squelches of Seductive – “Underground Sound.” North and South unite when Miami’s great Robbie Rivera and NYC’s big room electro machine Rooster & Peralta throw down on “Move Move (DJ Observer & Daniel Heathcliff Mix)” This frantic wave is then met with a trough as the punishing beats of Benny Royal – “Back to Basic,” Afrojack – “Polkadots,” Christian Arango – “Body Shake” and SpiritMindster – “Furious Night (DJ Dextro Mix)” take over the center point of the mix.

The final third of the mix is full of great surprises and the action picks up big time with Tom Stephan’s own dizzying remix of Major Lazer – “Keep It Going Louder (Tom Stephan Harder Mix).” This one sounds like a ride on the Gravitron. Williamsburg favorite Larry Tee keeps it going with the assistance of Roxy Cottontail on Afrojack’s drum-atic remix of “Let’s Make Nasty” while Mikix The Cat Mix takes it all back to the days of acid house with his whistle blowing remix of Rico Tubbs – “Born to Bounce.” The boobs start bouncing thanks to bonus beats courtesy of Diplo on his remixes of Bingo Players – “Get Up” and Tom Stephan’s “Turn That Shit Up” before Oscar G closes it out vocal house style with Tom Stephan’s reworking of his “What You Need feat Tamara Wallace.”

Influenced by the legendary NYC club Sound Factory, Tom Stephan became the new “it” producer seemingly overnight thanks to his 2001 smash “The Revolution.” Bolstered by support from Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish and Pete Tong (who named it the “Track of the Year”), “The Revolution” kick-started both Tom’s production and DJ career. By 2002, he had already collected enough stellar material for a best-of compilation and the resulting Get The Lead Out: The Best of Superchumbo also provided a roadmap of what he had dubbed the “lead-head” sound. Tom’s debut artist album “Wowie Zowie” (Twisted 2005) sounded like the soundtrack to a haunted nightclub circus and It featured collaborations with sex kitten Samantha Fox, Miami club personality Alan T and bore big-room hits like “Irresistible,” “This Beat Is,” and “Dirtyfilthy.” In 2007, Stephan released the mix compilation Let’s Go Chumbo! And followed it up with a flare for the theatrical on “Asseteria: Live >From New York,” a compilation inspired by the Sunday night/Monday morning party of the same name, featuring a full cast of costumed go-go girls and gender-benders.

Next up for Tom Stephan is a slew of remixes for high-profile, of-the-moment releases – Major Lazer’s “Keep It Going Louder” (included on Nervous Nitelife: Tom Stephan), the renowned track “Great DJ” by the Ting Tings, Shakira’s new track “Did It Again” and Gossip’s “Heavy Cross” – show him manipulating staccato pop and Beth Ditto’s Joplin-esque wale into perfectly jerky, funky bites that keep the unique vibes of the originals while adding his own.

Revved, revitalized, ready for the future: Tom Stephan is starting the drumbeat all over again. It’s time for another revolution: Are you ready?

1. Nervous Disco Dolly's – “Get Up Everybody (Starkillers Mix)”
2. Seductive – “Underground Sound”
3. Robbie Rivera feat Rooster & Peralta – “Move Move (DJ Observer & Daniel Heathcliff Mix)”
4. Tom Stephan- “Turn That Shit Up”
5. Rishi Romero – “African Forest (Original Mix)”
6. Tom Stephan & Pete Gleadall – “Lights Out feat Rowetta”
7. Tommyboy – “Kamavtu (Rene Amesz Mix)”
8. Benny Royal – “Back to Basic”
9. Afrojack – “Polkadots”
10. Christian Arango – “Body Shake”
11. SpiritMindster – “Furious Night (DJ Dextro Mix)”
12. Deka & Dave Rose – “Lose Control (DJ Chus Iberican Mix)”
13. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – “Pondo (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Mix)”
14. Major Lazer – “Keep It Going Louder (Tom Stephan Harder Mix)”
15. Larry Tee ft Roxy Cottontail – “Let’s Make Nasty (Afrojack Mix)”
16. Rico Tubbs – “Born to Bounce (Mikix The Cat Mix)”
17. Bingo Players – “Get Up (Diplo Mix)”
18. Tom Stephan – “Turn That Shit Up (Diplo Mix)”
19. Oscar G feat Tamara Wallace – “What You Need (Tom Stephan Mix)”

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