Need a Better Synth Sound In Fruity Loops?

This article discusses one member's method of getting a better synth sound out of the 3xOsc in Fruity Loops.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Oct 11, 2002

OK, firstly if you looking for a good harsh euro sound turn all oscilattors to sawtooth ( one that looks like a saw tooth lol). once you have this basis lower the crs on each oscialattor, and slightly increase the fine levls. also with the small nobes SP & SD tweak them so they are facing the opposite sides. and have the last osc inverted.

then in the SMP tab pick the wav file Vowel A.

then in the INS, pick Vol and minimise all attack, all delay, all hold, leave sustain up all the way and release just a little so it creates a right angle triangle. then also do this with Cut and leave resolution and pitch the way it is.

put the LFO filter as LP, or Fast LP, and leave the LFO on wave.

if u want to create a arpegiator jus go to the FUNC tab and choose the echo/delay mode you want.

After this you can then go about adding reverrb, delay, and also a flange and maybe a phaser. also on the paramateic EQ turn up both end sides and slightly turn up the middle ones.

then it is time to make a melody with this extreme synth. use this using different synth shapes and different tweakes and you should pick up what does what.

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