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This summer, all the way until next year or so, Dan Cozzi will be working on Music Videos for different artists here on

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jun 12, 2003

At the moment, he's working on the Music Videos for the following artists and songs:

Farace - Early Morn
Ryborg - Important news
Roygan Van Almond - New Generation

Those are the ones that will be worked on in order. The storyboards and outline for "Early Morn". The people who are going to quietly act out their parts are being auditioned right now. The two main characters are already casted, and will begin filming on July 1st, when everyone else will be ready. Storyboard and outline are in progress for Important news and New Generation, but still under construction. It's estimated to finish the first music video by the end of the summer, and the second one before Christmas. The third Music Video should be finished by May of 2004. These dates may either turn out to be sooner than listed now. Updates will come soon.

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