Music is My Multivitamin

Why do you make music? Are you seeking fame, fortune, and the love of the fans? Or is there another reason?

Posted by MShemel on Wed Apr 30, 2008

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We all know that music serves purpose. For those who use there talents for the primary goal of fame and fortune, I have come to the conclusion that you are most probably lying to yourself. This past week, I decided to take a step back from music. I decided to take a music vacation. I realized that music is vital in my life. In fact, it contributes to my overall health.

Since writing my thesis in college, I have had trouble falling asleep. I can sleep for many hours, but getting to sleep is the most difficult part of my life. We all know that sleep is an integral component to overall health. For me, sleep is something I always wish I have more of. In my case, I realize that while Iím up late making music, it is that same music that helps me sleep. Whatever is happening in my life, I need to make a statement to myself. That statement is in the songs. As I listen to music and how it corresponds to different periods of my life, it really begins to make a lot of sense. I am almost certain now that our creations are really just reflections of ourselves. So a melancholy track seems to correspond with a melancholy period. Am I the first to realize this? Absolutely not. But I would ask that you, as a producer, ask yourself what music means to you.

More and more, I also notice how music stimulates thought that moves well beyond the realm of the music itself. While listening to other genres and styles always gets me thinking, I find that I operate more productively during weeks that I am working on a track that I enjoy. Without music, I find myself lagging in all other areas of my life. Effectively, music has become a multivitamin of sorts. I could be wrong, but am beginning to believe that it serves that same purpose for everyone.

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