Music Executive Threatens Further Lawsuits Against Pirates

Music industry continues to eat itself. The Chairman and CEO of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry will continue to sue consumers who engage in digital music piracy.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jan 22, 2005

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John Kennedy, the chairman and chief executive of the IFPI claims that in 2004, 7,000 people were sued, including teachers, executives and that 12-year-old girl we will never forget.

Said "the man", "None of this makes us feel wonderful... for years, we sat back whilst our music was wantonly stolen. We tried to educate people to raise awareness and then, only as a last resort, did we commence proceedings and even then only against the worst offenders."

He continues, "Anyone who claims you're going to win the war on piracy is a very foolish person. But if you don't fight the war, it gets worse," he told the music industry annual conference, Midem, in the French Mediterranean coast city of Cannes.

"There will be more (lawsuits) in 2005. We look forward to the day when they won't be necessary."

File sharing is the ultimate culprit, cries the music industry, for the huge reduction in sales in recent years. In 2004, sales of physical media decreased while digital sales surged. The end result was basically no growth.

There has been no mention of reducing prices for physical albums as a tactic to increase music sales, or the lack of quality artists being presented by the major labels.

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