MPAA Shuts Down Torrent Site, Captures Access Logs

A huge win for the Motion Pictures Association of America when it successfully shutdown the website. They're coming after you next.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Feb 11, 2005

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The operator of, Edward Webber, has agreed to shutdown his site, pay the damages to the Hollywood studios and release the site access records from his years of pirate distribution. The torrent site allowed over 750,000 registered users to illegally download more than 35,000 movies, songs and software.

The site access records are especially damaging. There is no telling how far the MPAA will go to research and bring to justice the thousands of people who used the Torrent site over the years. "It will have a lot of records as to who these people are and what they provided, and that information will be of great interest to our members," said John G. Malcolm, head of the MPaa's anti-piracy division.

The MPAA won the $1-million judgement against LokiTorrent, however there is no word of Mr. Webber could afford the damages.

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