MP3DJ: Live Mixing Software Plus Radio Automation

We've uncovered neat new software called MP3DJ which lets you live mix for home, professional and broadcasting users. There are 3 different versions and all are available for demo download right here. This is a must see!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Apr 29, 2004

MP3DJ is music mixing DJ software for home and professional use. MP3DJ works by mixing songs in a playlist. Mixing time and mix type can be adjusted for all songs. You can also cut the begining and end of each song automatically by setting what seconds (first and last) to cut from each song, avoiding any silence between tracks.

The playlists are .M3U files which are compatible with every major player, including winamp. So if you have allready constructed M3U playlists, they can be used directly with MP3DJ. The application itself uses very few system resources so it can be run on almost any machine. A Pentium I with 64MB RAM is enough to run the program!

The brand new MP3DJ Broadcast Radio Automation software addresses automation in radio. This version of MP3DJ works by mixing in music and other audio files, such ads and commercials. Files can be mixed in based on time priority with the option of waiting until the current playing song ends.

Fully Working Demo Downloads
Click the links below to try out any version of the MP3DJ software.

Suitable for home and professional use.

Suitable for professional use. This version can use multiple sound card inputs allowing many MP3DJ instances to be running for advanced mixing.

Suitable for radio automation and monetizing your MP3 streams with commercial ad inserts.

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