MlyricsMusic4u/Architect Media Presents Marie Parie

Marie Parie and her new hit single Dating is heading straight towards the top!

Posted J Roberts on Fri May 20, 2011

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Marie Parie is here and I can honestly say that I do not believe she is going anywhere except straight to the top! Promotion and Marketing new heavy weight MlyricsMusic4u/Architect Media is behind a diamond.

Marie Parie and her new single "Dating" is something I've been waiting for since Lady Gaga decided to take a turn that I don't believe even she should have taken. Marie Parie songs remind me of Just Dance and Poker Face you know when Lady Gaga was putting out hits and music that we all were digging.

Dating is a fun Pop/Dance record that is made for the clubs and radio. People hear me now and believe me now, this girl got it and you won't be disappointed. All I can say is awards, awards, awards!

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