Mike Posner composes new song 'Heaven' for victims of Newtown tragedy

Listen to the beautiful track here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Dec 17, 2012

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I've lived in Newtown for many years. My son is in first grade and attends a school about a mile away from the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary. As I'm writing this article, he's sitting next to me at my desk working on his laptop. That is to say, he's on Nick Jr working with Dad. A few miles from me, friends of ours are missing their little one working on his Dad's computer or sitting on his lap, or getting ready to sit down to dinner. I can't comprehend the feeling, can't imagine my son not next to me, can't feel the pain that emptiness imposes.

Over the past few days I've struggled with waves of guilt fighting with happiness. How could I be so lucky while others have had it so bad? There is no sense to this.

Mike Posner's song has helped put perspective on how to move forward and I thank him for putting his talent to extraordinary use. Say's Mike on the piece: "To the victim's families, I hope this song will help just a tiny, tiny bit to ease the pain of your loss. Maybe this will make sense in heaven." Listen below.

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