Miami House Legend Oscar G. To Release "Made in Miami"

This double CD includes productions and remixes from Steve Lawler, Basement Jaxx, Peace Division, Blaze, Lee Coombs and Funky Green Dogs. Now with samples!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Sep 19, 2005

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On October 4, Star 69 Records will release Oscar G.'s long awaited new mix compilation, "Made In Miami". Born and bred in Miami, Oscar G. is one of the architects of much talked about "Miami Sound" and one-half of Miami's production / remix team MURK (with Ralph Falcon).

"Made In Miami" features a dynamic set from dance music's biggest names (The Basement Jaxx, Steve Lawler), its hottest young producers (Sammy Peralta & DJ Rooster, Carl Kennedy) and a few of Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon's own classics. Notable tracks include Lawler's mix of Funky Green Dogs "Reach For Me" and Murk's "Miami Heat" mix of Lee Coombs' "Shiver."

"Made in Miami"
Mixed by: Oscar G
Format: CD
Label: Star 69 Records
Released: October 4, 2005 (US)
1. shahi feat. razor cain "adrenalin" (kut mix)
2. friburn & urik "yapany"
3. paul harris feat. double h "falling stars"
4. funky green dogs "reach for me" (steve lawler mix)
5. k & s project "the music" (peter rauhofer mix)
6. paul harris "guitar 1"
7. peace division "groove me"
8. blaze feat. barbara tucker "most precious love"
9. dj pezi "the new dimension" (original mix) - basement jaxx "fly life" - ralphie rosario feat. xavier gold "you used to hold me"
10. paul harris & mark knight "this is jack"
11. austin leeds "violence"
12. lee coombs feat. katherine ellis "shiver" (murk miami heat mix)
disc 2
1. dirt crew "nervous"
2. big black boot "vibrate 2005"
3. divided souls "the walk"
4. lower east side "sword fight"
5. psykofuk "psykofuk" (robbie rivera mix)
6. dirt crew "rok da house" (d. costello mix)
7. sammy peralta & rooster "move your body" (armand pena mix)
8. carl kennedy & johnny gleeson "banta boom"
9. soul mekanik "wanna get wet" (buick mix)
10. mark knight "the box"
11. tolfrey & sylvester "the horn"
12. emjae "vanity"

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