Mauro Picotto: The Interview

Celebrity DJ Mauro Picotto has a message for you Brits: 'The UK is in severe danger of disappearing up it's own ass'! Find out why only on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Sep 17, 2002

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When was the first time you realized that you were a world famous DJ, and were there specific events that stand out in your mind that led up to this realization?
I guess it was in Tokyo, we were walking down the street after dinner and a couple of people asked for autographs, then a few more, and more until I had about 30-40 people around me, but I'm sure most of the people didn't know who I was (he-he). The events leading up to DJ-ing globally like most DJs were winning awards in Europe, this gave me the platform to work internationally.

When you're not mixing "heart-stopping, adrenaline-rush-inducing" beats, what do you do, or listen to, to relax?
I play with my daughter or listen to chill out music, sometimes if I'm really stressed out I'll go into the studio.

Describe the worst or most embarrassing gig you were involved in.
Thankfully there has only been a couple, most recently there was an event in Europe. I only asked for the minimum technical equipment: 2 x Technics 1210's, a pioneer CDJ1000 and a Pioneer DJM600. When we arrived at the show they had none of the above! You can work with other Decks and mixer but no CD player was in the building, it's a bit like trying to eat a steak without a knife and fork!

What new/unknown artists should we look out for to include in our sets?
Well the 2 producers to look out for are Ricky Effe who is my studio engineer and Gabry Fasano.

MAC or PC?
I prefer Mac.

MP3 or Vinyl?
Both, although the death of Vinyl is inevitable and it will be a sad day for all DJs.

Technics or Vestax?

Sasha or Digweed?
Don't know I've never heard either of them play, so unfair to comment.

US or UK?
Definitely the US, the UK is in severe danger of disappearing up it's own Ass. The clubs and clubbers are separated by their genres, with each genre believing they are better than the other! Each genre is unwilling to accept another and this is segregating the people. I wish some people would remember that Dance music is about having a good time.

Favorite club/city to spin:
No particular favorite, I enjoy most of my gigs, all clubs have a unique atmosphere and as long as I have an open-minded crowd in front of me and a good system I'm a happy camper.

Favorite club/city to spin in the US:
It sounds like I'm sitting on the fence, but I genuinely enjoy all my US/ North American gigs. I haven't had one bad experience yet. All clubs and clubbers seem to have an open mind and generally an enthusiastic attitude towards new music.

Would you be interested in developing one of your "greener" signed artists within the InternetDJ Artist Development Community?
I'm not sure what that entails but I believe that the Internet is an essential marketing tool for all DJs! Good luck to you all.

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