Markus Schulz Releases Trance Masterpiece "Without You Near"

Armin Van Buuren called this 'one hell of an artist album' in our exclusive interview. Markus' debut album draws you in with sweeping melodies, haunting vocals and devastating composition.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Oct 18, 2005

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Every track on this album is deserving of a single release. This is a wholly original album from a masterful artist with a firm base in producing Progressive/Uplifting Trance. Notable features include outstanding production/mastering, presentation of innovative sounds with lyrical composition and an overall genre-defining method. It is an album by which other Trance producers may be judged.

This is a remarkable, if not unbelievable, achievement for a debut artist album. Markus has worked on these tracks for about two years with notable producers and vocalist around the world. The album was mainly recorded in his home town of Miami, as well as in Antwerp to record "Ballymena" with Airwave. He also worked with Departure and Gabriel & Dresden in San Francisco on "Without You Near" and in LA he with Interstate.

"Without You Near"
Artist: Markus Schulz
Format: CD
Label: Ultra Records
Released: November 15th 2005 (US)
Our Rating: (5/5)
Our Favorite Track: Travelling Light
1. "Clear Blue" (feat Elevation)
2. "Arial"
3. "First Time" (feat Anita Kelsey)
4. "Without You Near" (Coldharbour mix & Departure with Gabriel & Dresden)
5. "Once Again" (feat Carrie Skipper)
6. "You Won't See Me Cry 2005"
7. "Never Be The Same" (feat Carrie Skipper)
8. "Red Eye To Miami"
9. "Ballymena" (feat Airwave)
10. "Peaches & Cream" (feat Interstate)
11. "Travelling Light" (feat Anita Kelsey)
12. "Sorrow Has No Home"
13. "Without You Near" (reprise & departure with Gabriel & Dresden)

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