Make yours an interactive CV / resumee

Use this interactive template to fill in your own interactive CV / resumee..

Posted by sir EatMe on Sun Feb 28, 2016

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Dear members and readers here on internetDJ,

Hereby I would like to present to you: an interactive resumee / CV - for you to fill in..

You can also edit it a little so that you could make your simple website of it.

This interactive resumee / CV ( / website?) template is now available.

The template (English) : (right-click, save as...)
The template (Dutch): (right-click, save as...)

You can copy the source and save this as .htm file (for example: MyCV.htm )..

Edit the file with Notepad, it is a text-file (or edit with any other text-file editing program).

Search for "...." (4x dots) to replace with your own information.

Save as .htm file (for example: MyCV.htm )..

View with a web browser (some browsers require to enable script or allow "blocked content", the scripting inside).

Tested in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser. 

To print such, select the section to print and use your web-browser's Print... dialog (sometimes CTRL+P).


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