Madrid’s Chus + Ceballos Ride the Iberian Sound

New Album BACK ON TRACKS out April 20.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Feb 25, 2010

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(Press Release - New York, NY) Let’s face it, with few exceptions the weather totally sucks right now. So how’s about we offer you a sizzling new mix to get you thinking of the warmer times ahead?! Like a mirage on a foot high snow bank, Chus + Ceballos’ first ever mix compilation from house music authority Nervous Records - Back On Tracks - is a delicious slice of hypnotizing, warm, inviting tribal soundscapes laced with a brilliant use of modern tech elements.

Chus & Ceballos are known throughout the club world as one of the most exciting, dazzling DJ/production duos. With their excellent production works, their coveted remixes, and their marathon DJ sets, they capture the genuine Iberican sound; a perfect marriage of House and Techno whose common factor is the unmistakable beat of the percussion. This sound was originally crafted as an alternative to the dark and brooding prog style that was threatening to rule the scene. Chus & Ceballos vision was, and continues to be a much welcomed breath of fresh air.

The Iberican sound is spread finely throughout the two discs comprising Back On Tracks. Disc one isn’t about building or wasting anytime getting into it. The classic sound of The Heller & Farley Project featuring Cevin Fisher “We Built This House (Fire Island Mix)” greets all who enter the C+C kingdom of house music. Things throb along until the midpoint when techno shades start coloring the sonic frame with tracks including Paul Harris & Alex Tepper “Terris (Original Mix)”, the percussion heavy DJ Wady “Uganda (Robbie Taylor Afrobeat Dub)” and a tribal remix of Steve Lawler’s “Koma Koma” from Radio Slave. The sweaty, rainforest inspired tribal sounds finish out the first disc with tracks from Danny Tenaglia and a pair from Chus & Ceballos

The second disc was composed with just half the number of tracks as the first but it showcases Chus + Ceballos’ ability to ride out the music hard and for a long time. This is your proper peak time foray into the Iberican sound and a disc that would be a perfect accompaniment to Rio’s Carnival. A heavy disco influence coats the thumping bass of DJ Chus presents The Groove Foundation “That Feeling (DJ Chus 2010 Revisited Mix)” while it all shifts a bit tribal techno with Mikel Curcio & JamLimmat “Cha Cha Cha (DJ Chus Muchodrums Mix).” The balance of the disc takes on a more vocal house direction with tracks from Made By Monkeys, Richie Santana & Rob Mirage and Murk’s Oscar G. before Deka & Dave Rose kill it with the aptly titled “Lose Control (DJ Chus Iberican Remix)” Back On Tracks offers an up front look into a current Chus & Ceballos DJ set. No BS or gimmicks – just amazing house and techno for the clubs…and now just for you, too.

Back On Tracks - Tracklisting
01. The Heller & Farley Project featuring Cevin Fisher – “We Built This House (Fire Island Mix)”
02. Umek – “Dementia (Enzo Elia Red Brick Remix)”
03. Dj Chus & Rob Mirage/Back 2 NY (Original Stereo Mix)”
04. Alex Kenji, Mark Mendes/Take That Sax (Original Mix)”
05. Ramon Tapia – “Colorzz (Original Mix)”
06. Daniel Steinberg – “Bailando (Original Mix)”
07. Dragosh, Fabietto – “Cala Mare (Sercan Remix)”
08. Adam Shaw, Tim Weeks – “Frog Face (Original Club Mix)”
09. Mendo & Danny Serrano – “Kumbha (Original Mix)”
10. Dennis Ferrer – “Hey Hey (DF's Attention Vocal Mix)”
11. Paul Harris & Alex Tepper – “Terris (Original Mix)”
12. DJ Wady – “Uganda (Robbie Taylor Afrobeat Dub)”
13. Chocolate Puma vs Baggi Begovic featuring Mitch Crown – “Solarianism”
14. Jesse Perez Dale – “Que Tu Puedes (Original Stereo Mix)”
15. Oscar L – “Love The Groove (Original Stereo Mix)”
17. Steve Lawler – “Koma Koma (Radio Slave Remix)”
18. Danny Tenaglia – “Dibiza (D-Unity's 2010 Tribal Mix)”
19. Chus & Ceballos & Koutarou – “We Got The Night feat Joi Cardwell (Peter Bailey Remix)”
20. Chus & Ceballos – “Afrika (Chris Soul & Frank Knight 2010 Remix)”

Ralph Falcon – “Whateva feauturing Alex K,” Oscar G – “What You Need featuring Tamara Wallace,” Brothers Vibe – “El Baile”

01. DJ Chus presents The Groove Foundation – “That Feeling (DJ Chus 2010 Revisited Mix)”
02. Mikel Curcio & JamLimmat – “Cha Cha Cha (DJ Chus Muchodrums Mix)”
03. Robbie Taylor – “Paseos (Original Stereo Mix)”
04. Hugo Rizzo & Mar-C – “Rhythm Stick (Chus & Ceballos MuchoMambo Remix)”
05. DJ Chus, Nikki B, Christian EFFE – “Hossa (Chris Soul NY Remix)”
06. Made by Monkeys – “I Think Of You (Pablo Ceballos Timeless Mix)”
07. Richie Santana & Rob Mirage – “The Calling (Original Stereo Mix)”
08. Oscar G – “Back 2 You feat. Tamara Wallace (Dj Chus Deep Tech
Remix)” 09. Moth feat Engeline “Foxy (Oscar de Rivera Remix)”
10. Deka & Dave Rose – “Lose Control (DJ Chus Iberican Remix)”

Back On Tracks is released April 20, 2010 on Nervous Records

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