Tweekend at the Top of the Charts

Scott Kirkland. Ken Jordan. Big Beats. Electricity. Las Vegas. Tweekend. Combined, you get the Crystal Method. And they are now No. 1.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Aug 23, 2001

It's funky, loopy, hard, and psychedelic. Most importantly, it's a fantastic follow-up album to The Crystal Method's Vegas release back in 1997. Tweekend supplies fans and newbies with the heavy electronic beats, bass, guitar and hip-hop loops they crave.

Haven't heard the album yet? Shame shame. Billboard's Top Electronic Albums Top 10 Chart put's Tweekend at No. 1 this week, climbing from last week's position, No. 2.

Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play Top 20 chart put's "Name of the Game", the hard hitting single from Tweekend at No. 12 this week, climbing from last week's position, No. 15.

"It's a little less electronic or techno, but it still sounds like us," Jordan said of Tweekend well before it's initial release. "We didn't feel any pressure when we started recording, but we're starting to become more aware of it, 'cause everyone is asking us about it. But I'm not worried. This album is a lot better." And now we have the proof. Good call Jordan.

"Name of the Game" Music Video


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