Lost Ambitions - a September 11th Recount

A DJ's recount of the September 11th terrorist destruction of the World Trade Center.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Oct 3, 2001

I suppose it was a rainy day in the country of my origin, Ireland, and well I guess I just needed to follow my heart which was and has been leading down the rocky path of music.

I'd started DJing when I was about 15, and that was about 6 years ago making me the complete age of 21. At this stage I needed to take the obvious step in my career, move to New York. I arrived in JFK airport on the 25th of August with my records in one hand and an unsurmountable ambition to make it in my other. Fortunatley I had a relation in one of New Yorks suburbs on Long Island that could offer me a place to stay until I got on my feet and the intial culture shock had worn off.

Don't get me wrong, I've circumnavigated this great world we live in twice round but New York is not on this planet, it is its own planet with its own race of people that have congregated from every part of the known world and some from parts that aren't so known.

Eventually I felt the overwhelming shock of landing here dwindle away with the smiles of so many good people warming my face unlike what is broadcast through out the world that people from New York are a bit tough skinned. 'I belong here', I thought to myself among all these people who didn't just sit around talking about what could have been, but actually making it happen.

It was 0530 when I got the train from Long Island into Manhatten and I then took the subway to christopher street which dropped me off at Greenwich Village where i work on a building site.

0920 when my uncle pulled me away from a garbage disposal unit and told me to come outside quickly, that something terrible has just happened and there in front of me the 2 world trade centres were on fire. One from the midsection and the other from the upper section. People were running everywhere screaming and crying that 2 planes had flown into the trade centres.

My first reaction was that it was a dream; to be more precise, a nightmare, the way the sky changed its colour from a beautiful blue to an eerie gray with the thick clouds rising off the buildings. It wasn't real, it was like something you would see in a horror film. In this case, however, the intense feeling of anxiety that grabbed everyone and held their stomach's clenched tight was justified.

The rest came and went like a strong wind, my dreams went with them. Now, weeks later, as I see this great country pulling together in unity against terorism, I will never forget and I say a prayer for those people who lost their lives and for their families.

God Bless America

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