Local DJ Contest Could Produce International Exposure

Could the next Paul Van Dyk be hiding out in America's heartland? We'll find out when Kansas City sends its undiscovered talent to perform at Ultra Music Festival.

Posted Liza Porter on Mon Feb 5, 2007

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Kansas City, Missouri's free weekly newspaper The Pitch has just created the opportunity of a lifetime for some untapped DJ talent in their area. The contest won't likely generate disciples like those of American Idol, at least not in numbers, which is all the more reason for those of minor or non-existent celebrity status to throw their demo in the ring.

The paper recently announced their Ultra DJ Competition promotion, in which undiscovered DJs have been handed an open invitation to qualify for a live spin off that will take place at local club Skybox on February 23, 2007. Qualifying for the spinoff requires submitting a copy of your CD with any style of spin.

What it does not require, for those fortunate enough to be residents of the Kansas City/Lawrence area, is moving half way across the country to worm your way into the New York or Miami club scene in order to be discovered. The initial promotion doesn't specify how many winners will be selected, but someone out there might have to put their early bird UMF tickets up on eBay in exchange for a spot behind the booth. We'll be watching... and listening.

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