Listen: Top Five Techno Tracks You Need To Hear

InternetDJ member DJClemmy throws in his top five techno tracks. Some new, some not-so-new, all worth a listen. We highly recommend Speedy J & Chris Liebing Collab 301 for your playlist. Listen here.

Posted by djclemmy on Sat Feb 12, 2005

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'Speedy J & Chris Liebing-Collabs 301'
'After the huge success of Collabs 300, which was as well seen on the I LOVE TECHNO 2004 compilation, everybody was waiting more tracks from this duo. Released on Novamute, this 12" is a schranz type of techno and I am confident that djs around all europe will be playing this one out!!'
HTFR: Speedy J & Chris Liebing-Collabs 301

'Elektrochemie a.k.a Thomas Schumacher-Tainted Schall'
'He did it again! The pioneer of German Techno-Thomas Schumacher released another 12" bound to be a classic. Tainted Schall is infact a remix of Tainted Love by Soft Cell. Surely, German Techno fans will enjoy this one!'
HTFR: Thomas Shumacher-Tainted Schall

'Frank Biazzi-Fiction EP'
'Actually this is not a new release...Yet when it was available in shops it was out of stock in nearly two weeks or so. Based on a latin techno style, this vinyl boasts of three hot tracks, with some awesome breaks which will send the crowd in a galore. '
HTFR: Frank Biazzi-Tension EP

'Christain Varela-Get Up'
'Brand New track from Chris Varela. This funky italian release will sure crack up some latin techno djs. It does not actually sound techno at first, but as one observes the structure and the pumpin breaks... '
HTFR: Christian Varela-Get UP EP

'Chris Liberator-Techno Purists: THE MIXES'
'For all those searching for some underground techno, I heartily recommend Chris Liberator. Although these are mixes of Chris's original works they still have the Liberator taste in them.'
HTFR: Chris Liberator-Techno Purists: The MIXES

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