Listen: Top Five House Tracks You Need To Hear

Impress your friends, stay on top, here's the latest tracks you need to know about right now from Twelve652. Audio Bullys and Tim Deluxe are part of this week's best.

Posted by Todd Simmons on Thu Apr 14, 2005

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'Blaze - Keep Hope Alive (Roots Vocal Mix)'
'Brilliant piece of house music for the summer.'
HTFR: Blaze - Keep Hope Alive (Roots Vocal Mix)

'Tim Deluxe - Reflections'
'The track that wasnt going to be released has had such an awesome response in clubland that tim deluxe is releasing it himself on his new label, going to be one of this summers big tunes, get it first! '
HTFR: Tim Deluxe - Reflections

'Steve Mac - That Big Track'
'This track is just the tip of the iceberg for Steve Mac with a few awesome tracks due for release soon, this guy's gonna rock Ibiza.'
HTFR: Steve Mac - That Big Track

'Audio Bullys - Shot You Down'
'This was floating round on white label for months and was getting bigger and bigger, finally released, samples the famous Nancy Sinatra track from "Kill Bill".'
HTFR: Audio Bullys - Shot You Down

'Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (Gian Remix)'
'Quality electro remix for 2005, "look ahead the crowd is jumping"...'
HTFR: Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (Gian Remix)

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