Listen: Tiefschwarz Celebrate Ten Years with BLACKMUSIK

Ali and Basti Schwarz compile their influences and remixes on this double CD.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jun 2, 2007

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To celebrate 10 years of success as music producers and DJs, the Schwarz brothers are releasing a double CD compilation album on their own label, Souvenir, released 28 May 2007. The first CD will feature a mix of Ali and Basti's musical influences, spanning their entire DJ career (anti pop consortium to Frankie Knuckles, Ewan Pearson to Marianne Faithfull). The second CD is an exclusive selection ofthe finest Tiefschwarz tracks, remixed by their favorite producers and friends (RadioSlave, Matias Aguayo, Shonky, Samim, Turntable Rocker, Kiki). This release will besupported by the new Tiefschwarz single release in June on Souvenir, a special Vinyl-edition remix package (including additions from Carl Craig, Matias Aguayo, anotherRadio Slave mix and Drama Society) and a two-part world tour starting at the end ofMarch.

"Blackmusik: 10 Years of Tiefschwarz"
Artist: Tiefschwarz/Various
Format: CD
Label: Sourvenir Germany
Released: May 28th 2007
1. Sebastian Tellier - "Black Douleur"
2. James Figurine - "Apologies" (DJ Koze remix)
3. Pawel - "Ceramics"
4. Tuff Little Unit - "Join Your Future"
5. Osvaldo - "Stella Called"
6. Cortney Tidwell - "Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up" (Ewan Pearson's Objects In Space remix)
7. Marianne Faithfull - "Broken English"
8. Mia - "Tanz Der Molekule" (My My remix)
9. Frankie - "Bullshit" (Ziggy Kinder remix)
10. Groove Box - "Casio's Theme"
11. Ralphi Rosario - "Una Cosa De Amour"
12. Broke - "Overthat"
13. Donnacha Costello - "6.6"
14. Brooks - "Tell Somebody About The Beat"
15. Recloose - "Can't Take It" (Carl Craig remix)
16. Ron Trent - "Altered States" (Terrace Light City remix)
17. Francesco Tristano - "Strings Of Life"
18. Flash & The Pan - "Walking In The Rain"
1. Tiefschwarz - "Troubled Man"
2. Tiefschwarz - "Troubled Man" (Ruede Hagelstein remix)
3. Tiefschwarz - "Ghostrack"
4. Tiefschwarz - "Ghostrack" (Shonky remix)
5. Tiefschwarz - "Original"
6. Tiefschwarz - "Original" (Samim's Robidog remix)
7. Tiefschwarz - "No More Trouble"
8. Tiefschwarz - "No More Trouble" (Turntablerocker remix)
9. Tiefschwarz - "On Up"
10. Tiefschwarz - "On Up" (Kiki & Silversurfer remix)
11. Tiefschwarz - "Blow"
12. Tiefschwarz - "Blow" (Radio Slave remix)

Upcoming Tour
Jun 14 Loft Barcelona
Jun 15 Bataclan Paris
Jun 16 Death Disco @ The Arches Glasgow
Jun 17 We Love Space Ibiza
Jun 22 Shining Festival Felden am Chiemsee
Jun 23 Flex Vienna
Jun 24 Sea of Love Festival Freiburg
Jun 29 Rocker 33 Stuttgart
Jun 30 Renaissance Festival Knebworth
Jul 1 Love Family Park Hanau
Jul 5 Weekend Club Berlin
Jul 7 Monegros Festival (Basti) Huesca
Jul 12 Dour Festival Dour
Jul 13 Melt!Festival Grafenhainichen
Jul 14 Loft Gijon
Jul 20 10 Days off - Souvenir Night Gent
Jul 21 Nitsa Club Barcelona
Jul 28 Il Muretto Jesolo
Aug 3 Robert Johnson Frankfurt
Aug 4 Loveland Festival Amsterdam
Aug 5 We Love Space Ibiza
Aug 10 Locorotondo (Ali) Mavu
Aug 10 Sankey Soap (Basti) Manchester
Aug 11 SonneMondSterne Festival Gräfenhainichen
Aug 13 Paradise Summer Club Mykonos
Aug 18 Night & Day Festival Stuttgart
Aug 19 We Love Space Ibiza
Aug 23 Weekend Club Berlin
Aug 25 Street Parade (Ali) Budapest
Aug 25 Chlorophila (Basti) Bari
Aug 26 TDK Cross Central Festival London
Aug 28 Capannina (Ali) Alassio
Sep 1 Illusion Festival (Basti) Soltau
Sep 3 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza
Sep 6 Weekend Club Berlin
Sep 8 Angels of Love Napoli
Sep 9 Goa Madrid
Sep 16 We Love Space Ibiza
Sep 20 Popkomm Berlin
Sep 21 Aura Monterrey
Nov 2 Robert Johnson Frankfurt
Nov 9 Creamfields Festival Buenos Aires
Nov 10 Creamfields Festival Santiago

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