Listen: This Month's Top Five Techno Tracks

Five great techno tracks to listen and review this week including Dave Clarke's World Service Mix 2 and Chris Liebing's remixes of Henrik B's Manwolf. Great set here.

Posted by djclemmy on Sun Jun 19, 2005

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'Dave Clarke - World Service Mix 2'
'If you never heard of World Service Mix 1, you should be ashamed of yourself. The WS Mix 1, incited many djs to start spinning electro and techno. Undoubtely this will do the same with the next generation of djs. Forbidden classic by Ryuimichi Sakamoto, hot top-notch Caretta-Hacker track and some nice collection of ghetto techno--even from DJ Godfather. Wether you buy it lp or cd, this is bound to be your top choice for listening or spinning in the forthcoming season. TOP OF THIS MONTH.'
HTFR: Dave Clarke - World Service Mix 2

'Henrik B - Manwolf EP-RMXs'
'If you've missed Henrik B's huge success-Manwolf, which made it even in the I Love Techno Compilation, well its never too late. Here the schranz founder, Liebing, brings a quality remix, offering an alternative to the original. Harder. Minimalistic. Maybe more to the likes of techno crowds in Eastern Europe. Absouletly a track not to ignore.'
HTFR: Henrik B- Manwolf Ep-RMXs

'Joel Mull - Discotrip EP'
'Unusual article this is. I got this nearly two weeks ago and it sure rocks. The A-side has a groovy track with a hard 4 to 4 drums with some wicked rimshots at the back and awesome filtered vocals. Funky for sure. The B-side has two tracks, both going for a more chilled and housy side of techno. Yet hard as the A-side. Definetely a good add up to your collection, good for inserting that funky element in your tracks without losing that thump of techno.'
HTFR: Joel Mull - Discotrip EP

'Marco Carola - 1000th Collection RMXs'
'I am one of the many proud owners of the classic 1000th Collection. People like me will definitely like this one-sided lp, having a nice remix of Marco's Comprezzed by the great Hertz. I just love this remix. Hard, typical of Hertz. Surely this is no let-down. '
HTFR: Marco Carola - 1000th Collection RMXs

'Ignition Technician-Pirate Audio EP-CLASSIC OF THE WEEK'
'Another great record which is fundamental to one's collection. This Primate Release boasts of 3 tracks both having a good 4 to 4 drumloop bangin' all along, with some cute pads and melos sweeping through. It is great for those fond of melodoic techno. After all, it's Technician you're talkin of!!Recommended by Techluv'
HTFR: Ignition Technician - Pirate Audio EP

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