Listen: This Month's Top Five Arena Tracks

Some old, some new... this month we feature five tracks you might have missed. These tracks are massive, worthy of arena style venues that fill in all the cracks with booming sound.

Posted by Oceanseeker on Wed Jun 29, 2005

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'DJ TiŽsto Feat. BT - Love Comes Again'
'This tune received much commercial success. It appeared on many FM radios around the world, the video smashed up the TV, and who can't remember those cheesy (but good) BT vocals? However, having been created by one of the Arena Trance pioneers, you can expect a track that will own the crowd. From great build-ups, to a memorable vocal, this track is the absolute king of the massive arena crowd.'
HTFR: DJ TiŽsto Feat. BT - Love Comes Again

'Rank 1 - Beats at Rank 1 Dot Com'
'A website track (well, the melody at least). Eventually somewhere down the line, it became the theme for Trance Energy 2005. How? When you first listen, the track doesn't sound that much like Rank 1, until, Rank 1's memorable Airwaveish synth buildup topped with a more modern gated lead synth. A few tribal sounds thrown in really makes this track a unique one. Oh, and it was released by Be Yourself Music (ID&T), so of course its going to be delivered to thousands of people.'
HTFR: Rank 1 - Beats at Rank 1 Dot Com

'DJ Danjo & Rob Styles - Duende'
'If there is a large crowd, there is this track. It received major support from TiŽsto, Armin, and still finds a way to make a cameo in many sets (after several months since release). The track has massive chords, and that's why. The song has an incredible treatment with the Signum Remix. With the remix, you get a brilliant supersaw finish on the track. Ultimate trancer, and the chords are definitely a beauty.'
HTFR: DJ Danjo & Rob Styles - Duende (Signum Signal Remix)

'Nu-NRG - Dreamland (Adam Sheridan Remix)'
'It isn't the same hard style that makes most of the other top songs great arena hits. This song is completely about the melody, and one of the thickest saws I have ever heard. This melody sparked huge interest from Paul Van Dyk back in 2001, when PVD signed Nu-NRG. There are about 5 remixes of this Dreamland, but the Adam Sheridan one stands out. This track, by melody and structure, will take any arena into euphoria.'
JUNO: Nu-NRG - Dreamland (Adam Sheridan 2005 Remix)

'Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (F.Massif Remix)'
'Old school tune. Way different feel about why this works well in an arena situation. It does have some serious edginess, and some huge distorted drums, but there is the following major reason why its in the top 5: the song is a trip! Holy smokes, this tune has it all. Massive breakbeats, euphoric strings, heavy drumwork, playful vocals. If you haven't heard it before, and it doesn't matter if you disliked or liked the original by Ferry, I highly recommend it.'
HTFR: Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (F.Massif Remix)

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