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Second Sun, previously noted for co-writing Paul Van Dyk's track 'Crush' from 'Reflections', have launched a strong debut. Details and samples here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Mar 10, 2005

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Don't be afraid of the Americans Antoine and Adam of Second Sun. They are looking to turn the heads of those outer world electronic music fans back to the US. They have a look and a unique sound combining gritty synths with gritty guitar forming a sort of electro-pop. The strongest track on this album is absolutely Crush (With Paul Van Dyk); however this track is already one of our favorites from PVD's Reflections. The first single from the album is The Spell, which carries the same energy as Crush but at a slower tempo and a vocal lead not wholly unlike Depeche Mode. The first single is currently supported by Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten and will surely pick up more along the way.

They've also included their remix of the 1979 hit Pop Muzik from M. Quite a surprising techno/dancefloor take on the original and could definitely be a strong second single. The closing track is a duet between Antoine and Tiffany. Yes, the Tiffany from those late 80s/early 90s MTV videos (you know... "I think we're alone now..."). This cut has anthem written all over it and could very well be a hit on its own.

Second Sun's Inside Out will be released on April 19 from System Recordings.

Our Rating: (4.0/5.0)
Our Favorite Tracks: Pop Muzik (Second Sun Remix)

Tracklisting and Audio
  1. Inside Out
  2. Rock the West Side
  3. Pop Muzik (Second Sun Remix)
  4. My Bed is Burning
  5. Everything
  6. The Spell
  7. Playground
  8. Crush (With Paul Van Dyk)
  9. Love Simulator
  10. He Said She Said (Featuring Tiffany)

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