Listen: Seb Fontaine Releases Type 01

Seb Fontaine has released an excellent two CD mix set on Perfecto/Thrive records. Read our review and listen to audio samples from the album.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Oct 19, 2004

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I like Seb Fontaine a lot. When he was aboard Radio 1, he consistently constructed my most favorite sets. I spoke to a number of people who had the chance to see him live during his global tour, time and again the response was overwhelmingly positive. Contrary to popular belief, it does take raw talent and a penchant for finding the right combination of bleeding-edge tracks and crowd-pleasing remixes to construct a mind-blowing set like this.

Naturally, at the pinnicle of a whirlwind tour and the height of his popularity, he drops Type 01 on us. The album captures that talent in a monster two CD set that has something for every hardcore dance fanatic. You'll find Electro House, Progressive House and even Trance. Stand out tracks in this mix include Saeed and Palash "Champion" (Palash Mix), Reflekt "Need To Feel Loved" (Type Album Mix) and Sander Kleinenberg "My Lexicon" (Step & 16 Bit Lolita Remix). Definitely a keeper.

Risda's Rating: (4.5/5.0)
Risda's Favorite Track: Zoot Woman "Grey Day"

Tracklisting and Audio
Disc 1
  1. Pete Tong & Chris Cox pres. Noho Porn Stars "MORE INTENSITY"
  2. Rene Amesz "Back Into The Funk"
  3. Thick Dick "Tweakin" (Saeed Mix)
  4. Chiapet "Westworld" (Nic Fanciulli's Skylark Mix)
  5. Seb Fontaine & Jay P "Do the Do"
  6. Saeed and Palash "Champion" (Palash Mix)
  7. Zoot Woman "Grey Day" (Paper Faces Remix)
  8. Reflekt "Need To Feel Loved" (Type Album Mix)
  9. Morillo & Co. "Dancin" (Fuzzy Hair Remix)
  10. Sucker DJ's "Lotta Loving" (Paradise Soul Mix)
Disc 2
  1. Sebastian Ingrosso "Get It Back" w/ Harry "Choo Choo" Romero "What Happened"
  2. Eric Entrena "Arabian Nights"
  3. Bent "Comin Back" (West London Deep Remix)
  4. Outgrowz feat. New -G "Wrong" (CeCem & Peter Luts Dark Edit)
  5. Sander Kleinenberg "My Lexicon" (Step & 16 Bit Lolita Remix)
  6. Greg Churchhill "Infused Trash"
  7. Smith and Selway "The Way It Is" (Acid House Mix)
  8. Alex Neri "Club Element"
  9. Calderone & Quayle "Resonate"
  10. Dylan Rhymes "The Way" (Evil 9 Mix)
  11. Jaydee "Plastic Dreams" (Andrea Doria Breaks Mix)

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