Listen: John Digweed's Choice Classics Collection

John Digweed's Choice collection is a look back at favorites from his formative years including cuts from The Grid, The Cure and Underworld. Listen to tracks from the album right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Mar 5, 2005

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Its a journey through time, tracks that many newbies will never have heard of if not for retrospective collections such as this. An important look at what makes a DJ great, Choice provides great insight on what Digweed is made of. The tracks are primarly from early 80s up to the beginnings of modern House. The second CD is the key here, uptempo and highlighting John's experience with mixing differing styles from track to track. A keeper for older fans and for those who like to do a bit of "historical" research in their favorite genres.

"Choice - A Collection of Classics"
March 21, 2004 (Azuli)
Disc 1
  1. Voices Of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba
  2. The Grid - Floatation
  3. T. Tauri - Joy To The World (No Felt Mix)
  4. Hypnotone - Dreambeam (Ben Chapman 12 Remix)
  5. Smith & Mighty - Dark House
  6. The Peech Boys Dont Make Me Wait
  7. Propaganda - Your Wildlife (Red Zone Mix)
  8. The Beat Club - Security (Midnight Club Mix)
  9. Sheer Taft - Cascades (Hynotone Mix)
  10. Euphoria - Mercurial
  11. One Dove - White Love (Scott Hardkiss' Psychic Masturbation Mix)
  12. Dance 2 Trance - We Came In
  13. Desert Storm - Desert Storm
  14. Abfahrt - Alone Its Me (Alley Cat Edit)
  15. Underworld - Mmm Skyscraper I Love You (Jamscraper Mix)
Disc 2
  1. Babble - Beautiful (Blue Mix)
  2. Waterlillies - Tempted (Apple Crumble Mix)
  3. INXS - Disappear (Morales Mix)
  4. Megatonk - Belgium (Nintendotone Mix)
  5. DSK - What Would You Do (8 Minutes Of Madness Mix)
  6. Reese & Santonio - Back To The Beat (With The Sound)
  7. Jody Watley Im The One You Need (Def Dub Version)
  8. Saint Etienne - Cool Kids Of Death (Underworld Mix)
  9. Hi-Bias - Drive It Home
  10. Young American Primitive - Young American Primitive
  11. DJ H - Come On Boy (Larry Levan Remix)
  12. Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy
  13. The Cure - A Forest

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