Liquid Todd Launches New NYC Radio Show :: Altered State

Having been dropped by 92.3 WXRK (K-Rock) due to format change, 103.5 WKTU picked up one of America's BEST RADIO DJs, Liquid Todd, and launched his new show Altered State. More info here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Jun 26, 2005

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Liquid Todd and Steve "El" Covino are back on the air. Although they are under a new station (103.5FM WKTU), the same unique format survives. Last month the 92.3 FM K-Rock switch to a new format with the tagline: "Great Rock. Period.". That move left LT's massive dance show "Solid State" in a bit of a bind. It wasn't cancelled, but was forced out due only to the station's format change.

Solid State was on the air for 8 years in the #1 radio market in the US: New York City. That is an amazing feat-- espcially for an electronic music format show. In 2002, he won "Best Radio DJ" at the Dancestar Awards due to his work on Solid State.

Liquid Todd told radio industry news site FMQB, "The best deejays in the world will be featured every week on Altered State. Instead of trying to find cool mixes of K-Rock songs I'm going to try to find hip mixes of 'KTU songs - and mix them all up with the heavy hitters of my format. I'm excited to get back on the radio in New York."

LT is now back on the air with WKTU and has fulfilled his promise to deliver the same spectacular format as he has always been known for.

Altered State
103.5 WKTU
Every Friday Night (Saturday Morning)
1am - 3am

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