Lil's Kim Escapes Harsh Prison Sentence with a Year and a Day

I guess all that nudity will pay off, Lil' Kim is about to meet a lot of new friends in prison.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jul 6, 2005

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The Grammy award winning artist was sentenced to a prison term of one year and one day on convictions of perjury and conspiracy for her lying to a federal grand jury. This stemmed from an investigation of a shooting outside Hot 97's NYC studio involving members of Lil' Kim's entourage and Capone-N-Noreaga.

Lil' Kim had lied about the presence of her manager, Damion Butler, and Suif Jackson, when the video tape clearly had shown that was not a possibility. Both have subsequently pleaded guilty to gun charges.

Lil' Kim, aka Kimberly Jones, was facing the maximum prison term of three years and seven months. U.S. District Judge Gerard Lynch took Kim's final facing of the truth into consideration in reducing the term.

According to an AP report, Kim told the judge "to consider my entire life's work and not just the days in the grand jury and on the witness stand in the courtroom. I'm a God-fearing, good person."

The judge also commented on the grave silence of the Hip-Hop community regarding some past killings, namely that of Notorious B.I.G.

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