Lights Out 2 Released by DJ Steve Lawler

As a suggestion from an internetdj member, we'd like to turn your attention to DJ Steve Lawler's brand new album Lights Out 2. Full details, tour info and a mess of MP3s right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Nov 19, 2003

Music News
One of our favorite House DJs, DJ Steve Lawler has released one of the better House albums of the year, we might even like this album as much as Sander's Everybody. The album features a bunch of choice tracks, some of which can be sampled below.

  1. Lights Out Intro featuring Luzon - The Baguio Track
  2. Alan Barrat - Zulu Nation Part 6
  3. Bertoldo - Amor (Drum Mix)
  4. Diamond Dogs featuring Mary Tanning - Nothing Else (U-Facilities 7 Sciatica Pump Mix) (Lawler Re-Edit)
  5. Solar Vs Audio Fly - Live Love (listen)
  6. Dino Da Cassino - Can U Clear It
  7. Danusha - Movin On (Gabrielle D'andrea Electro Mix)
  8. Paul Johnson - Follow This Beat (Andrea Doria Mix) (listen)
  9. Kade - If You Want Me (Don't Bring Me Down)(Menace Mix)
  10. Polekat - Dancin Queen (You Know What I Mean?) (listen)
  11. Presser - 2 Black 2 Gay
  12. Steffano Noto Presents Faith Sounds - London Night
  13. Anoma - Let It Go (Mindprint Remix)
  14. Corbett Feat. Michelle G - Music Is Magic (Troia Mix)
  1. Lights Out Intro featuring Underworld - Two Months Off
  2. Chuck 'N' Roll - Playin Dirty (Jondi & Spesh Mix)
  3. Indart Colors Y Legaz - Remember The Beats
  4. Dj Pierre Vs David Morales - Make It Hot
  5. UN7 - R.R.R.
  6. Sahara - The Only One (Bini & Martini Cosmic Dub)
  7. Alcatraz - Give Me Love (That Kid Chris Mix) (listen)
  8. Prophets Of Sound - Tide Of Dreams (Brancaccio & Asher Mix) (listen)
  9. Eric Kaufmann Vs Jet - My Girlfriend Is A Robot
  10. Java & Gabi Newman - No Puedo Olivdarme (Can't Forget)
  11. Eurochrome - Future Spirit (Lawler Re-Edit)
  12. Whatever Girl Presents - Still Here
  13. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Future 2003 Mix) (Lawler Nip 'n' Tuck Edit)
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