Lady Gaga To Perform 'Born This Way' At Grammys

W00t! Grammys!

Posted by billd on Sat Feb 12, 2011

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Days after the release of her new single "Born This Way," Lady Gaga will take the stage on Sunday to perform the splashy dance track for the first time at the Grammy Awards.

Last year, Gaga didn't miss a beat at the Grammys when she performed "Poker Face," joined by Elton John. The two sat facing one another at pianos, playing her piano ballad "Speechless" and his iconic track "Your Song." There's no telling what Gaga will do at this year's broadcast, but we can probably expect it to be a dark (as usual), versus keeping it light and fun.

Tune in to the Grammys this Sunday and tell us what you think of Gaga's performance.

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