Kanye West and Jay-Zs H.A.M is here!

Their single is out online today.

Posted by billd on Tue Jan 11, 2011

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We now have an official taste of one of 2011’s most anticipated projects:  the first single from Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaborative album Watch the Throne has arrived, with “H.A.M” debuting online today.

“H.A.M.” has already been generating a lot of buzz among listeners. According to Simon Vozick-Levinson of Music Mix, “[H.A.M.] is a fierce opening statement that’s unlikely to disappoint fans of either artist. The song begins with a double-time flow from West over fizzy electro burbles and a ghostly vocal sample courtesy of hot producer Lex Lugar. West is in full-on arrogant star mode, spitting slick hostilities laced with so many obscenities that I wonder how this song’s radio edit will sound.”

Listen to the rappers’ latest track at Watch the Throne’s Facebook page and decide for yourself.

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