JunkieXL Releases New Artist Album BOOMING BACK AT YOU

The one man electronic music machine pushes the envelope.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Mar 14, 2008

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Junkie XL epitomizes the concept of the modern electronic musician. He is a one-man juggernaut of expertise: composing, mastering, remixing, DJ-ing and capable of playing nearly every instrument on the planet. His latest artist album "Booming Back At You", on Nettwerk Records, continues his mission to single-handedly explore the uncharted realms of electronic music.

The entire album is gritty, electro and hard-driving-- exactly what will be huge in 2008. Even the softer tracks, like "Mad Pursuit," still make you want to get up and go. There is something to like about every song in this album, the attention to detail is extraordinary; after several listens you'll continue to pickup nuances missed previously.

Although there is much experimentation within his music, JXL's nod to past decades can be heard throughout the album. This can best be heard in the first cut "Booming Right at You." JXL combines an upfront electo beat/bass with old school vocal samples and a funky synth lead straight out of the 80s.

"Booming Back At You" is in stores now.

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"Junkie XL ft. Lauren & Daniela - More"

"Booming Back At You"
Artists: JunkieXL
Label: Nettwerk
Released: March 11, 2008
1. Booming Right At You
2. Cities In Dust (feat Lauren Rocket)
3. You Make Me Feel So Good
4. Stratosphere
5. Mad Pursuit (feat Electrocute)
6. More (feat Lauren Rocket)
7. 1967 Poem (Junkie XL & Steve Aoki)
8. Zage
9. Clash
10. New Toy (feat Bram Inscore & Nicole Morier)
11. No Way (feat Lauren Rocket)
12. Not Enough (feat Willoughby & Nicole Morier)

Junkie XL is confirmed to play Coachella in Indio, California on April 26th, 2008.

Junkie XL at Ultra
Junkie XL will perform the Main Stage at Ultra Music Festival. Junkie XL has been a regular performer at the UMF for several years.

Abount Junkix XL
An electronic music jack-of-all-trades, Junkie XL has established himself as a world famous club remixer who has turned out epic takes on tracks by the likes of Britney Spears (most recently his remix of “Gimme More” appears on her album Blackout), Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Scissor Sisters, Rammstein, the aforementioned Fear Factory, Bloc Party, Sarah McLachlan and Avril Lavigne. He also keeps extremely busy creating the music for video games contributing music to “The Sims 2: Nightlife,” Xbox games “Forza Motorsport” and “Quantum Redshift,” as well as Electronic Art’s “Burnout,” “SSX Blur” and “Need For Speed” series.

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