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Netherlands born DJ, Producer, Remixer Junkie XL took a few minutes to talk about producing, remixing and scoring. Also, JXL sets the record straight about the fight between him and SEAN 'P. DIDDY' COMBS. Listen to our exclusive interview here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jun 4, 2005

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Most people know Junkie XL from his remix of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation", a number one hit in 24 countries. However, there is a phenomenal history behind his recent successes. Not only a superstar DJ, Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenborg) is a classically trained musician and a homegrown computer scientist. With an intense history creating and remixing music over the past 20 years, Junkie's resume is expansive.

In our exclusive interview, Junkie talks about his growth as a musician, his method to professional producing, composing music for movies, his live equipment setup, the history of his infamous Elvis remix, his "fight" with Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, and some dirt on his new album. Ten superb tracks on the way from JXL.

Listen: {MP3} (Credit: rephlektor)

Junkie XL In the News
For the past year, Junkie XL has been in the studio creating music for the new Xbox racing sim, Forza Motorsport. Check out the tracks from this game on RadioJXL.com.

Junkie XL has also been busy in the remixing arena recently. He has recently remixed Scissor Sister's "Mary", the fourth upcoming single of the ultimate cool pop band from New York. For more information, check out Scissor Sisters.

And... as always, Junkie XL is constantly releasing audio/video and broadcasting from his website RadioJXL.com.

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