Judge Jules' Top Ten September

Ten of the hottest tunes taken direct from Jules' box. These are the tunes that have been burning up floors from Gatecrasher to Godskitchen, from the UK to Ibiza.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Sep 27, 2002

1-Jamie Anderson - 'Can't Stop (Dave Angel Rework)' (Artform)
2-Mikitors vs Smithmonger - 'Me, Be, She, Be' (Safety In Numbers)
3-Matt Darey - 'Moody' (Incentive)
4-Renato Cohen - 'Pontape' (Intec)
5-E-Ject - 'The Pressure' (Safety In Numbers)
6-Hatrixx - 'Pressure' (Yeti Records)
7-Speakerfreaks - 'POS 51' (White Label)
8-Ant and Chris Liberator - 'Chainsaw Massacre' (Powertools)
9-A.S.Y.S. - 'Acid Head Cracker' (White Label)
10-Beatpushers - 'Murto (Green Martian Remix)' (Serious)

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