Judge Jules Defines the True Sound of Ibiza

Pop in this album, close your eyes and you can almost feel Ibiza surrounding you.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jun 29, 2006

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With 'Judgement sundays - The True sound of Ibiza', Judge Jules attempts to capture the feel of Ibiza Summer 2006. CD1 represents what Jules spins in Eden's backroom on Sunday evenings where CD2 features a typical Jules hard house/trance set in the main room.

This is superb mix of some commercial crowd-pleaser hits like 'Same Man' and 'Tell Me Why', but also some gritty new-ish electro tracks like LR's 'Stardisease' to keep the intelligencia happy (a bassline like no other). I was happy to see the O.R.G.A.N Remix of Brian Cross' 'Over My Skin'; our favorite of the anthemesque cuts on the mix. Overall this mix is an exciting tribute to the capital of Summer clubbing.

"Judgement Sundays - The True Sound of Ibiza"
Mixed by: Judge Jules
Format: 2xCD
Released: July 3, 2006
Label: Ministry of Sound
1. ATFC - "Spread Love" (vocal Love mix)
2. Supermode - "Tell Me Why"
3. Till West & DJ Delicious - "Same Man"
4. Miami Dub Machine - "Be Free Your Love" (Fonzerelli remix)
5. Digital Dog - "Dirty" (feat Flat 45)
6. LR - "Stardisease"
7. Judge Jules & BK - "I Don't Know"
8. Phunk Electric - "Video Games Crash" (Funka remix)
9. Sharozz - "Hell Yeah"
10. The Egg - "Walking Away" (Tocadisco remix)
11. Switch - "A Bit Patchy"
12. Da Cove - "The Underground"
13. Robbie Rivera - "Your Mistake" (feat Marnie)
14. Brian Cross - "Over My Skin" (Organ remix)
15. Umek - "Posing As Me"
16. Robbie Rivera - "Love Triangle" (Santos mix)
17. Eye One - "Meta-Samba"
1. Team SR - "Leaving London"
2. Amber - "Sexual" (Noff vs Raven remix)
3. Abel Ramos - "Electro Fun"
4. Fabio Stein - "Tran 4"
5. Mainx - "88 To Piano" (Fabio Stein remix)
6. Judge Jules & BK - "Rumble"
7. Marcel Woods - "Monotone"
8. Simon Patterson - "F16"
9. Smith & Pledger - "White"
10. DT8 Project - "Hold Me Till The End"
11. Judge Jules & Katie Marne - "Ordinary Day" (feat Cara Dillon)
12. Nash - "Dreams"
13. Giuseppe Ottaviani - "Through Your Eyes"
14. Hemstock & Jennings - "Mirage" (Lange remix)
15. Sean Tyas - "Remember"

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