John Digweed is the Best DJ in the World

UK based DJ Magazine declare John Digweed the best of the best.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Nov 7, 2001

According to the readers of DJ Magazine, John Digweed edged out his partner Sasha, and Danny Tenaglia for the top spot.

Digweed, who has been spending a lot of recent time working on film soundtracks, like Hollywood's fav DJ Paul Oakenfold has this to say about his experiences:

"It's been a real challenge but it's also been really exciting because you've not been working to fill a dancefloor, you've been filling 20 seconds in a film. And although it's only 20 seconds, it can take you two days to come up with it. You've got to build the intensity, you've got to make the mood happen within a film."

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