John Dahlback's Winners & Fools, Epitome of Electronic Music

John Dahlback's outstanding debut on CR2 Records.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Sep 13, 2008

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There are few artists that are truly pushing the envelope of electronic music. John Dahlback is one of them and is a true innovator of our genre. At the age of 23, Mr Dahlback has developed a compelling, diverse and intricate library of music. Reflecting on some his more popular singles, we have genre-defining electro/progressive house in "Pyramid" and the wide appeal of the break-out hit "Blink", to the 80s synth-driven masterpiece that is "Gold & Fear". Mr Dahlback is a composer first and foremost, he chooses to devlop striking, haunting melodies with a groove that few others can match. Each song in his library is unique in concept, sound and phrasing.

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the release of John Dahlback's three disc collection "Winners & Fools". The album will be released via CR2 Records on October 6, 2008. The first CD filled with pristine, unadulterated original songs; the second, some of the more exceptional remixes that surfaced over the years. Highlights from the first disc include his greatest work, "Gold & Fear", the nostalgic "Sidewalk feat. Elodie" and the inspired grooves of "Honeywell".

There are seventeen original songs on the first CD. After the first listen through it I could recall an element, or hook, from each one. I can't remember the last time I encountered an album where each and every song stuck with me. The songs are unpretentious, individual statements of an idea-- presenting the elusive "hook" in its purest form. There are no detractors. The remixes are certainly an added bonus, however none truly add to or re-invent the original ideas; with the possible exception of Pig & Dan's remix of World of Love.

John Dahlback is the pinnacle of modern electronic music; his music, a level far beyond contemporaries; this collection, a testament to what we should all strive for in our electronic art.

Winners & Fools
Artist: John Dahlbäck
Released: October 6th, 2008
Label: CR2 Records
1. Pyramid (Radio Edit)
2. Gold & Fear
3. Blink (Radio Edit)
4. Sidewalk Feat. Elodie
5. Honeywell
6. Everywhere (Radio Edit)
7. I Had A Feeling
8. House Of The Archipelago
9. We Are The Duo
10. Balcony Dance
11. Spitzer
12. July First
13. World Of Love
14. Down With All
15. You And Me Feat. Elodie
16. More Than I Wanted
17. Kokohukka
CD2 – The Remixes
1. Pyramid – (Dirty South Remix)
2. Do You Remember - Exclusive New Track
3. Everywhere – (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix)
4. Blink – (D.O.N.S. & DBN Chainsaw Remix)
5. World Of Love – (Club Mix)
6. I Had A Feeling – (Roman Salzger Remix)
7. World Of Love – (Pig & Dan Remix)
8. More Than I Wanted – (Club Remix)
9. I Had A Feeling – (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Remix)
10. Everywhere (D.O.N.S. vs Tranquillo Chill Mix)
CD3 - Bonus
1. John Dahlback 60 Minute DJ Mix
2. Everywhere – Video
3. Blink – Video

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