John '00' Fleming Severely Injured; Gigs Cancelled

International DJ/Producer/Remixer, John '00' Fleming is recovering from an accident this past weekend that almost ended his life. All gigs cancelled until 22nd July.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jun 28, 2005

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During an afternoon of boating with friends near Brighton UK this past weekend, John was knocked from an inflatable raft in tow by a boat John was subsequently hit by the very same boat as it circled back to pick him up.

The life preserver he was wearing protected him from the impact and escaped with broken ribs, a deep cut in his arm and a collapsed lung. According to his press agency, John would have received the full effect of rotating propeller blades if he had not worn a protective life vest.

John should be released from the hospital this week and is expected to recover at home over the next month. Because of this recovery, John has cancelled all gigs until July 22nd. He expresses his apologies to fans in Brazil and Ibiza, expecting to see him in the coming weeks.

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