Jack Rokka Vs Betty Boo Take Off with Electro House Pop Magnet

Quirky vocals a la Ms Boo saves a formula electro-house single.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Oct 29, 2007

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Taking the queue from last year's Mason vs Princess Superstar's PERFECT (EXCEEDER) phenom, Jack Rokka and Betty Boo team up on the brand-new electro house release, "Take Off" (Gusto Records). Perhaps "Spin Off" might have been a better title. With a pop bassline and simple progression that begs the question, "where have I heard this before?", this single seems purpose-built to singularly feature the stylish vocals of Ms Boo-- yet it sort of works. With support from Judge Jules, Pete Tong, David Guetta and Dave Pearce the formula continues to work like a charm.

The collaboration began simply when Jack Rokka asked Ms Boo to add vocals. Jack Rokka, the pseudonym for acclaimed producer-duo Digital Dog, sent in the remix to Judge Jules, who subsequently championed the hell out of it until it was snatched up by Gut for a proper release. The single is available right no on all formats with further support from a music video.

"Take Off"
Artists: Jack Rokka Vs Betty Boo
Label: Gut Records
Released: October 15, 2007
Format: Physical and Digital
1. Digital Dog Radio Mix
2. Original Club Mix

Music Video
"Take Off"

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