Interview: The Rise of Pole Folder

Pole Folder, from indie to signed artist. Find out how this guy got Sony, John Digweed and Bedrock to sit up and listen. The exclusive InternetDJ interview.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Aug 22, 2003

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A Brief History
For those of you who may not have heard the name "Pole Folder" or his real name BenoÓt Franquet, you probably have heard his music. Pole Folder is a professionally trained musician and composer from Belgium.

Pole Folder exploded onto the scene when Sony Music noticed his track "I'll be Right Here", and began churning out remixes for Sony including IC Eyes, Hooverphonic, Ragged Life and the hit "This is The Sound Of C".

We first discoverd Pole Folder, like many others here in the US when we heard the opener on John Digweed's Global Underground / Los Angeles. The track "Apollo Vibes" became an instant classic with is subtle complexity and engaging build. Take a listen to it while you read the interview, its one of our favorite dance tracks of all time.

New Tracks
Check out these 2 new tracks from Pole Folder, compliments of Sunkissed Records.
We Share (Real Audio)
Planetary Activity (Real Audio)

The Interview
(InternetDJ): You are a classically trained musician, how did you end up producing dance music?
(Pole Folder): House and techno music made a strong appearance in Belgium 14 years ago with also the beginning of local "New Beat". I was going every weekend to big innovative clubs as "BOCCACIO" and "LA ROCCA". Step by step even if was in rock bands I started to create more and more electronic music. I met in 1993 a guy who had a home studio with some good machines. I produced my first club tracks with him. Every Sunday, after visiting the clubs we were composing all day long.

(InternetDJ): Many of our users who are starting to learn production techniques are quickly realising the benefits of being able to play an instrument, what instrument would you consider to be the most useful to a dance producer?
(Pole Folder): A Keyboard is the best as itís the main tool to compose, but I think that practicing any instruments develop the skills needed to create music

(InternetDJ): Give us a quick overview of what equipment you would typically use when in the studio.
(Pole Folder): I work always with my friend Alain Bultot as sound engineer. We work on two digital mixing desks Tascam. My main program I use is Cubase VST on a G4 933MHz. I have an EMU E4XT ULTRA, a Triton, Supernova, JV 1080, and MS 2000. For the FX we use gear from Roland, Lexicon, Boss, Rocktron, and Digitech....

(InternetDJ): How much do you use the Internet and how much of an impact would unplugging have on your lifestyle.
(Pole Folder): As I'm working most of the time with foreign countries, the Internet is a perfect tool for me. I could not work without it. It gives me also the chance thanks to instant messaging programs to talk with people from all around the world.

(InternetDJ): Does your mother/girlfriend/spouce approve of what you are doing?
(Pole Folder): My mother was not really enthusiastic about it, but now that she can see itís a real job for me and there is everyday more and more opportunities, she tries to accept it. My girlfriend helped me a lot to launch my studio and she is following everything I'm doing. I'm always asking her what she thinks about my tracks. Her advice is precious to me.

(InternetDJ): What has Bedrock done for you?
(Pole Folder): Bedrock launched my artistic career. They gave me the opportunity to be played everywhere in the world and to start to work with a legend as John Digweed. I'm more than glad to be on their team.

(InternetDJ): How did you and CP get together?
(Pole Folder): CP is a talented DJ who has been playing for more than 10 years. I met him in the record shop where he is working, and he was very motivated and enthusiastic about working with me in the studio. We started the collaboration on "Apollo Vibes", and we have spent a lot of time together in the studio since working on more original tracks and some remixes also.

(InternetDJ): What do you consider to be you first major breakthrough and how did it come about?
(Pole Folder): DUST was probably my biggest track. As it was on the MMII compilation of John Digweed it was directly in the highlights and got a lot of attention as a result. Itís also a track that's maybe more mainstream because of the vocals.

(InternetDJ): What insight to the industry can you give our users that can be beneficial?
(Pole Folder): You have always to think that most of the time the music business will try to screw you, and a lot of times you will meet people who will talk more than doing for you. But if you have the faith time is on your side.

(InternetDJ): Is there anything you would like to promote to our readers?
(Pole Folder): I'm full of admiration for a singer from NYC named Shelley Harland. She is an amazing artist who has worked with Junkie XL, Delerium and I have the chance to have two collaborations with her featured on my forthcoming artist album. I'm sure she will be a major singer in the near future.

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