InternetDJ Remix Competition 2005 Winner Announced

We are pleased to announce that our remixed artist Saeed Younan has painstakingly reviewed the top three tracks as voted by InternetDJ members and has made his decision.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Oct 14, 2005

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The winner of the third annual InternetDJ Remix Competition is:

- Reigo V. Remix (easyboy)

Congratulations on a job well done! Says Saeed of his decision, "I'm gonna go with Reigo V.'s remix - Tight production, excellent programming with a touch of Electro/newwave edge to it. Very creative. I'll be playing it doubt."

The Runners Up
- Todd S. Remix (twelve652)

- Riccardo R. Remix (DJ-Froggy)

Many thanks to Saeed Younan for letting our community throw their hat in for remixing his original track "You Know I Got It". Over the past two weeks, 1000s of voting booth ballots were submited to narrow down the 85 submissions for our remix competition to the top three.

Our winner will received a special prize pack from Our sponsor Gemini DJ, including the brand new CFX-20 Professional Touch-Sensitive CD Player, a pair of DJX-1 headphones and a special "DJ Bag" with lots of swag from InternetDJ and Gemini. (see prizes).

What an exciting event, thanks to all the producers who have participated and the members and visitors who voted for the top three. We will leave our voting booth up for this event indefinitely, you can visit the voting booth and listen to all of the submissions here. Stay tuned for our first ever Winter Trance Remix coming up soon!

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