InternetDJ Launches the Groove & Phrase Synthesizer VSTi

After a year in the making, we are proud to present the Groove & Phrase Synth, a versatile synth with many features for many different styles of music.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Jul 10, 2005

The IDJ Groove & Phrase synth is great for sequencing as well as performing live on stage. This VSTi can give you instant groovy basslines without having to groove quantize from the sequencer. If you are out of ideas the random function on the groove adjust and CV step sequencer is a great help.

The Groove & Phrase Synth has that analog sound you might expect from an expensive virtual analog synth, and has got a Sounfont Oscillator so you can load your own (created) banks for that hybrid sound.

* 3 Oscillators with sync and Pulse Width
* Sound font Oscillator (loads any SF2)
* Multi Mode Filter with X-mix and Overdrive with more then 10 modes
* 2 BPM Synced LFO's with many routing options and Keyfollow
* FM Modulator
* Amp Envelope / FIlter Envelope / Modulation Envelope / FM Envelope
* Velocity / Modulation and Aftertouch to most important functions
* CV BPM synced sequencer with multiple destinations and draweable groove function + slew limiter.
* Phrase Arpeggiator following groove function with up to 128 notes of memory.
* Stereo Chorus
* 2 BPM Synced Delays with panning
* Reverb with widening and damping
* Trance Gate/Amp Trigger
* Filter Envelope Trigger
* FM Envelope Trigger
* Modulation Envelope Trigger
* Multiple pages
* Glide
* Midi Automated on all controls
* Independent FX channels
* 4 stereo outs
* 128 Patches with professional sounds
* Many Professional SF2 Banks
* And much more!

Minimum System Requirements
Processor: Pentium/AMD
Processor speed: 1200 MHz
RAM (Cache): 256 MB RAM
Operating system: Windows 98/ME/XP or 2000
Host application: Cubase VST 3.7 or higher or other VST 2.0 compatible host software
Other Components: PC equipped according to the specifications of the host software

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