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Farace covers the event from the business end.

Posted by farace on Fri Sep 26, 2008

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6:45 am and the day starts. Load the truck and head up to the venue, The Coliseum, a brand new club in Daytona Beach Florida. This venue is up there with the best and the feel of the room is phenomenal. Once you walk in you feel like you are in a futuristic Rome. With extreme high ceilings and columns and pillars everywhere you look. The lighting and sound that is already in the club is of the best quality. We begin setup for the Rabbit In The Moon show at around 8 a.m. and begin adding our extra layer of madness to the already awesome space.

We, North Florida Production, brought in a ton of extra equipment such as four sticks of custom built trussing, 40 new L.E.D. par cans, several additional moving heads, lighting console, sound console, Spotlight, FOH camera live shot, two huge video screens, projectors, and a ton of extra pieces to bring it all together. As the day moved past us we finally begin to see a cohesive show begin to take shape and we knew that this night would be something special. As usual though we ran into our typical troubles, lights acting crazy and not responding to DMX, cable issues, who is running the front of house snake through the 50ft. ceiling, the list never ends with a show of this magnitude. Around 6 p.m. we finally got everything working together and if you have ever been there you know that is a good feeling! With hours until doors open, my business partner Sean Owens, begins the rigorous process of programming each song for RITM and by doors open we were fully prepared for this theatrical electronic evening.

Mark Sanchez held the honors of opening for RITM and had a pretty great set of breaks and house, old and new! The crowd was already to the walls packed and the night already felt awesome. 12:30 a.m. and it was show time. The entire stage was blacked out for the opening song. The mix of sounds, lights, video, and special effects is truly unique in a RITM show and is something you need to experience yourself at one time in your life. The video gives a great representation of how it feels to be running sound and lights from FOH, but you need to experience this show purely as a spectator to take in the great mix of entertainment that is on offer here. It truly is sensory overload in a great way!

RITM finished around 2 – 2:30 a.m and the closing DJ took the reigns while we all took our first full breath of relaxation; the show went off with minimal issues! We were very proud to be trusted with a event of this size and the crowd loved every second of the show, job well done! Many thanks to Rabbit In The Moon, Mark Sanchez, The Coliseum and of course the great crowd that all made this night so unique.

4 a.m. and 22 hours later, time to start breaking down all this gear! Most people do not know the amount of work that goes into these shows, but when you get the “nod” at the end of a great night it makes it all worth it. Here’s to a great show! Many thanks to everyone involved!

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Rabbit in the Moon in Daytona Beach

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