InternetDJ Core Member Dies in Tragic Car Accident

It is with great sadness that we announce our dear friend and colleague Craig Hubbard (craigh999) was killed in a car accident last weekend. Full details are here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Sep 7, 2005

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Craig Hubbard (25) and his friend Craig Roberts (24, the driver of the car) were on their way to a fun day of go-karting in Leicester when their car, a black Honda Civic CRV, collided with a blue Peugeot.

According to an article in the Leicester Mercury, the accident occured on Saturday September 3, 2005 at 9am. Craig Hubbard died immediately, Craig Roberts died moments after the collision. The female driver in the other car is listed in stable condition at a local hostpital.

Craig Hubbard was about to complete his masters degree in internet development at Loughborough University on Friday, September 9th, 2005. Craig's mother said, "He was so bright, and he had so much before him. They were even using his work to teach others at university. All he'd done all his life was study, and he was just about to step out into the wide world. It's terrible. His dream was to travel the world, then this happened. He had everything to live for. Now he is gone, I just want to die."

Craig Hubbard's sister, Parris Robinson, described the scene: "The passenger side of my brother's car is moon-shaped. There was just so much damage. The police said my brother and Craig didn't have any visible injuries. They just looked like they were sleeping."

As many of the InternetDJ members know, Craig was an active member of our community and an integral part of VST music synthesizer development for Craig Hubbard was also recently signed along with composer partner Thomas Weber to Banshee Worx (Bonsai) records for further music development.

InternetDJ has recovered Craig's music profile and account. They will remain open as a memorial to our friend. You can visit Craig Hubbard's profile and listen to his music right here. If you leave a review for his music, I am certain he will be watching.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Craig's family and friends.

editor's note: InternetDJ Member Frank Bertelsen wrote a beautiful piano tribute to Craig, listen to it here.

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