InternetDJ Compilation, What Incites You, Released

It's a proud day for InternetDJ members and fans. Our first compilation CD is now available for pre-purchase before the December 15th street date. Full details and audio samples right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Dec 4, 2004

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This is the first installment of the Dashboard Presents series of cutting-edge electronic music. Dashboard Presents: What Incites You is a compilation of exclusive tracks from top producers around the world. Genres represented on this album include Trance, House, Techno and Drum 'n' Bass. Also included on this album is the single Trampled from NYC Electro-Rock legends Kristin Mainhart and Khromozomes. The CD is exclusively available for purchase at right now.

Tracklisting - What Incites You
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  1. Boy@n - Sizzlin {MP3}
  2. Danylo (feat. Millenium) - Burnin' Hot {MP3}
  3. Farace - Connection {MP3}
  4. Cliq - Escape Artist {MP3}
  5. Boy@n - Reach U Teach U {MP3}
  6. Delvecchio - The Haunting {MP3}
  7. Twelve - It Is Time {MP3}
  8. Hibotan - Sound Of... (Synthed Radio Mix)  {MP3}
  9. Nelo - Haunt Me {MP3}
  10. Adrenaline (feat. Lauren Bentle) - Ocean of Mixed Emotions {MP3}
  11. Wade - Minimal Euphoria {MP3}
  12. Morningstar - Microburst {MP3}
  13. Kristin Mainhart - Trampled {MP3}
  14. Entity - Get Serious 2004 (Radio Mix) {MP3}
  15. Qwana Parker (feat. Kinga) - Simulacara {MP3}
  16. Morningstar - Earth People {MP3}

This CD is a fully independent production, all proceeds from CD sales will go to these artists as well as funding our next compilation CD where we'll pick a new crop of producers from around the world.

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