Megamix Series v2 (Techno) -- Stream Now for Free

Second volume in a our series featuring the best underground electronic tracks.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Aug 16, 2015

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Listen to our brand new megamix series curated and presented by our resident mixologist PeeWee.  He's scoured our top member uploads and compiled an hour's worth of phenomenal underground tracks, featuring artists from InternetDJ. Volume 2 features techno -- tracklist below.  Want to get your song on our next megamix volume? You need to join now and upload. Then contact PeeWee and maybe he'll include your song on our mix.

Stream: Megamix Series v2 (Techno) 

  1. 00:00 "Shiny Days" by Roygan
  2. 05:03 "This Technological Sonar" by DJ-Froggy
  3. 07:52 "Manna" by AngularMomentum
  4. 12:04 "Echo" by Cosmic Dragon
  5. 15:07 "Wrong Direction" by MiNoR
  6. 19:06 "Feel" by DOCTOR JAM
  7. 22:09 "Dead Girl Walking" by Angel Of Dawn
  8. 23:14 "Krimsonik (The Ebola Outbreak)" by Krimsonik
  9. 26:59 "This Is Techno" by Chaac
  10. 31:47 "Fashion X" by alphalab
  11. 35:13 "TechnoFritze" by Thomas Prohazka
  12. 42:51 "Revel" by MellowJeremy
  13. 49:12 "Mega Hit" by TahlysonTD

InternetDJ Megamix Series

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