InternetDJ 2005 Top 25 Video Round-Up

It's that time of year again. Check out the best and worst videos from 2005. Should keep you busy while IDJ moves to London. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and see you in '06!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Dec 22, 2005

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As promised in last year's InternetDJ Top 10 Videos, 2005 was a year for quality video releases. Not to mention some stinkers that managed to get play just for the sheer laugh. Here are our top 25 video releases on InternetDJ based solely on popularity in 2005.

26 Tiesto Video Exclusive :: Behind the Decks At DVD Release Party
Not a music video per se, but our exclusive behind the decks videos of Tiesto really got our audience ramped up for '05.
25 Christopher Lawrence - "Freefall"
This video for 2005 was the first single from Mr. Lawrence's debut artist album "All or Nothing" released back in 2004.
24 Coldcut - "Everything Is Under Control"
Eh- not one of my favorites. Has its fans.
23 The Prodigy - "Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)"
Ouch. This updated remix brings back mixed memories of my early-90s craziness. Sick vid.
22 Goldfrapp - "Number 1"
I remember playing this song over and over when it came out. The dog to female ratio in this video is too skewed for my tastes.
21 Fatboy Slim - "The Joker"
Great remix. I hate cats.
20 Timo Maas - "The First Day"
A single that bridges genres with deep rhythms, haunting vocals and one of the most addicting hooks we've heard all year.
19 Gorillaz - "Dare"
Not your typical Gorillaz track. You should watch this video.
18 Basement Jaxx - "Oh My Gosh"
Great song, bad video. Hold your breath.
17 Armin Van Buuren - "The Longest Day/24 Theme Remix"
Armin Van Bauer --er Buuren kicked it into high-gear with this remix in early '05.
16 Deep Dish - "Say Hello"
Getting serious now. Deep Dish gets a nod in the 48th annual Grammy Awards for this masterpiece.
15 Paul Van Dyk - "The Other Side"
2005 was all about PVD on IDJ with an exclusive interview and mix-set. This video and song also happen to be one of my personal favorites of 2005, especially the Deep Dish remix.
14 Supafly Inc. - "Let's Get Down"
This was a solid floor-filler for 2005 and made Pete Tong's Essential selection.
13 Etienne De Crecy - "Someone Like You (Fast Track vocal mix)"
It has the bassline phrase that haunts you in your sleep.
12 Martin Solveig - "Everybody"
This was one of the key summer anthems in 2005 albeit a tad overplayed.
11 Vitalic - "My Friend Dario"
My friend Dario hates this song. Its much better with the video.
10 DJ Sammy - "Why"
He sure likes that Dancestar award! As I said: popularity, not quality.
9 Kerowack - "White Dress"
This is one of those tracks that grows on you the more you listen. It seems like a simple theme, but it has exceptional phrasing and quite a hook. This video has a cult following thanks in part to InternetDJ! Gotta love the edible clothing.
8 Chemical Brothers - "Believe"
It's a typical chems track but with an extraordinary video. They have their fans.
7 Armin Van Buuren - "Shivers"
Armin was also nice to InternetDJ this year with our exclusive interview. Hey, where's YOUR mix-set on IDJ?!? PVD did one, how 'bout it?
6 Axwell - "Feel The Vibe"
Summer '05 saw a revisit of this Axwell bouncy house smash from 2004. An eye-catching video.
5 David Guetta - "The World Is Mine"
F**k me this guy gets around. Seems everywhere I turn someone is telling me they "hung out" with Guetta "last weekend". Powerhouse hook and too-hot-for-lame-US-tv video made good partners for this single.
4 Armand Van Helden - "Into Your Eyes"
I've always been a devout fan, even when he shied away from the decks for a while. This single has all the elements of AVH we all know and appreciate. There are a great many masterpieces in him yet and we're banking on a monumental 2006 for Armand.
3 Studio B - "I See Girls"
Like Nelo said, "Stop running FOOL!"
2 Max Graham - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Remix)
Another smash remix of a track from years past. YES is alive and well in Max Graham's take on the 80s classic. This video was popular, but didn't come close to toppling #1.
1 Daft Punk - "Technologic"
The little dude pwns.

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