Intellect Video: Techno House Progressive

Check out the trailer for the DVD Intellect: Techno House Progressive. This set features over 35 world class artists and DJs. Full details right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Aug 17, 2003

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The 2 disc set includes over 5 and 1/2 hours of knowledge & entertainment. The definitive resource for any DJ, producer, or fan of electronic music.

Intellect DVD: Trailer (Windows Media, Quicktime, Real Media)

Main Documentary: 30 minute documentary about the hard working DJs and producers who have brought electronic dance music to the forefront of nightlife around the world. Featuring over 35 world class artists and DJs!

34 Artist Interviews: Watch and learn from the most amazing roster of electronic artists ever put together. Each interview includes club footage and music from around the world.

DJ Tutorial: The first DJ tutorial for techno, house, and progressive DJs ever made. Nigel Richards of 611 Records takes the viewer step by step through everything you need to know to start playing out at clubs. A professional 4 camera tutorial from basic set-up all the way through mixing on 3 turntables.

Bonus DJ Knowledge: 8 segments focusing specifically on DJ / producer topics. Each segment features advice from all the artists from disc one. Topics include: "booking," "producing tracks," "eq techniques," "playing live: featuring Orbital," "mix techniques," "promoting," and more.

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