IIO Returns to Forefront with Debut Artist Album 'Poetica'

It's been a long time; we're looking forward to this artist album for this hot Summer.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Jun 11, 2006

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Five years ago, NYC-based Trace music dou, IIO, released the single 'Rapture' turning clubland on its ear. You couldn't escape the track: on the radio, in the clubs, tops on the charts. After their solid late-2002 follow-up 'At the End' no one really heard from them... until now.

After for years, IIO has resurfaced with an artist debut album with 'Poetica'. Preceded by the single "Kiss You," Poetica is chock-full of 13 club gems that are not only both accessible and progressive, but also run the gamut from ambient and reggae-tinged to break-pop and trance. The disc's remarkably versatile sounds reflect iio's commitment to distinguish itself within the dance music genre by expertly coalescing electronica and poetry; hence the name Poetica.

IIO is DJ-producer-songwriter Markus Moser and Mediterranean singer-songwriter Nadia, who grew up in Queens, New York. The immediate success of "Rapture" convinced Markus that, like it or not, iio's fate had been sealed. When asked why it had taken them so long to release their CD, Markus responded, "I really wanted to give people what I would like an artist to give me. I'm a perfectionist and I wanted to release the kind of album where every song could be a single. I want people to connect with our music so that when they put Poetica in their CD player, they're like, 'Man, this is some music that I can have on constant replay.'"

Artist: IIO
Format: CD
Released: June 27, 2006
Label: Made Records
1. Rapture
2. At the End
3. Smooth
4. Runaway
5. Kiss You
6. Chastity
7. Tantric
8. Rebel
9. Is It Love
10. Be It
11. Give It Up
12. Hangin On
13. One
14. What a Way
15. Poetica

Watch 'Rapture' Video:

Watch 'At The End' Video:

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