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Cake to Release Sixth Studio Album.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Oct 16, 2009

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We've just heard some pretty excellent news about CAKE's new album. It is their sixth studio album --recording right now as I type-- and it has been 100% created using solar energy. In 2008, they pulled their studio from the Sacremento California electric power grid and installed solar panels.

CAKE will also share results from the recording process to members of their mailing list via downloadable ringtines. The ring tones are based on songs from their upcoming album. The first ringtone is titled "Long Time" and is out now. Every six weeks, CAKE will blast members with a new ringtone up until the album's release in Spring 2010.

Says trumpeter VINCE DIFIORE: "All the parts we've written for a song work symbiotically for the whole; however, some hooks have enough merit on their own to justify offering them as utterly satisfying ring tones." "We weren't sure if people were still even listening to albums," adds songwriter and lead vocalist JOHN McCREA, "so we thought we might just release ring tones and car commercial music instead. This allows people who own cell phones a chance to sample our wares long before an album is ever released. That's what we know people want. Ring tones." And bassist GABRIEL NELSON says simply: "We are proud to offer high quality, custom crafted ring tones to listeners worldwide."

CAKE was also recently honored by Billboard Magazine as one of the world's top ten "Greenest" bands.

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